Grants for Pro-Life Organizations

Pro-Life Grant Opportunities with Choose Life Alabama

Our mission is to advocate for unborn children in Alabama. If that’s your mission, too, and you need critical resources to fight the good fight and protect the unborn, then you can apply for pro-life grants from our organization.

How the Choose Life Grant Program Works

Choose Life Alabama’s purpose is to raise funds for life-affirming partners like adoption agencies, crisis pregnancy centers, baby safe havens and shelters, and other pro-life organizations.

We do this by selling Choose Life license plates. Most of the revenue raised from each purchase goes into our fund, which we then distribute to organizations in need.

To date, over $30 million has been raised nationwide by Choose Life state advocates. This money has helped save lives and create stronger, healthier families through proactive care. Every unborn child placed for adoption is one more child who can receive God’s greatest gift: the gift of life itself – and for that, we are thankful.

Each Grant Helps By

Providing for Material Needs

Providing for the material needs of pregnant women (i.e. housing, clothing, prenatal care, food, transportation)

Assisting with Funding Outreach

Assisting with funding outreach (such as advertising, marketing, and public relations) to promote adoption

Funding Adoption Counseling

Funding pre-adoption and post-adoption counseling and support

Helping Care For Infants

Helping to take care of  infants while they await placement with their adoptive family

Training Staff Members & Partners

Training staff members and partners to carry out their missions

Apply for Choose Life Alabama Pro-Life Grants

If you are a pro-life organization that is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) entity that does not support abortion in any way, directly or indirectly, you may be eligible for a grant!

Note that funds will not be distributed to any agency or center that charges women for services, nor can they be used for administrative, legal, or capital expenses/expenditures. If you receive funds, at least 70% of the funds provided must be used to meet the needs of women who are committed to placing their children for adoption.

Other requirements and specifications are outlined in the form below.

To apply for the first time, simply fill out the following form with all relevant information. If we need additional info, one of our staff members will contact you.

First Time Grant Application