Save A Life.

Buy A Choose Life Tag.

Across the state of Alabama, the fight to protect unborn lives wages on us each day. For those who support and affirm life – who want to see every child enter this world as a gift of God – there’s one easy way to help: the Choose Life Alabama license plate.

For every $50 purchase, $41.25 goes to fund adoption agencies, crisis pregnancy centers, and other pro-life organizations.

Plus, by showcasing the tag on your vehicle, you’re helping spread the good word about unborn children and our fight to protect them at all costs.

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Protecting the Unborn, One Tag at a Time

Choose Life Alabama is the state’s non-profit organization to support the national Choose Life movement, founded in 1996 and now encompassing 33 states and the District of Columbia. 

We gather funds from the purchase of specialty license plates and allocate them to statewide partner organizations for everything from prenatal care and counseling to adoption placement, postnatal counseling, training, and providing material needs to pregnant women.

We are all created in God’s image, for His glory – and this is how we serve.

How to Buy a Choose Life License Plate

3 Easy Steps

Step 2

Select the Support Adoption – Choose Life tag under “Specialty” on page 6 (or search for
“Support Adoption”)

Step 3

Turn in your old tag at the DMV and receive your new Choose Life specialty tag!