Choose life alabama!

We are non-profit organization that raises and distributes funds through the sale of the Alabama Choose Life specialty license plate. The plate's funds are sent to us for distribution to qualified agencies within the county where the plate was sold. Qualified agencies must be life affirming pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes or non-profit adoption agencies that counsel for adoption and are not involved with abortion in any way.

Buy a tag = Save a Life

   $50 = $41.25

to Pro Life Agencies

  • $50 is all it costs to upgrade your regular license plate to a Choose Life plate with your annual renewal!
  • Switching to a Choose Life license plate in Alabama will require you renew your plates at the DMV.   (Please remember to take you old tag to the DMV with you.)     
  • After the one time switch, you may renew your license online, by mail, or in person.
  • Click here (Choose the Choose Life tag, third row far right) and you may personalize your tag with six (6) letters. (Personalization is NOT Mandatory.  The tag is on page 11, listed as "Support Adoption") 
  • All personalized tag reservations will be held for five (5) business days and must be redeemed at the DMV. 
  • The Choose Life (Support Adoption) Tags are listed under "Distinctive License Plates" page 11. 

What if I've already renewed my tag for the year?  Do I have to wait a whole year?

NO!  You don't have to wait!  If you have already renewed your current tag, you can purchase the “Choose Life” specialty tag at your local DMV. Again, take your old tag with you. Also, you will be charged $1.25 transfer fee since you have already renewed for the current year.  Easy Peasy!

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